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Let Your Story Do the Heavy Lifting

As a leadership strategist and storytelling coach, I am committed to helping women be seen, heard, promoted—and rewarded—as the agents of change the workplace and the world is dying to see. And all of it requires fearlessly owning your leadership story, grabbing control your narrative, and finding ways to deploy it. For everyone’s benefit.

Let’s be clear: leadership is not necessarily about striving for the corner office. It’s about claiming your agency. Getting stuff done. Creating results. Wherever you are.

So if your career looks good from the outside, but inside you just can’t get traction, let’s find why so you can own your story, tell your story, and move mountains.


Leadership Throughline Series

This 12-session series is specifically designed with your end goal in mind. Whether that includes advancing within your company or charting a completely new story, this series will help you grow your thought leadership, buck the bias, and move mountains. 

During your 12-session series we can focus on:

  • Developing focus and clarity around your leadership brand and messaging so you control your narrative.

  • Mapping your goals, setting a timeline, and creating a strategy for achieving those goals.

  • Identifying the thought leadership activities that will help you gain influence internally and externally and shine as the subject matter expert in your niche.

  • Developing and refining your storytelling, communication, and problem-solving chops to help you lead more skillfully.

  • Preparing strategically for interviews and crucial conversations so you are grounded, confident, and clear.

Rise up and make your leadership story happen.


Signature Story Series

This 3-session series is designed to capture your strengths and leadership themes, identify pitch-perfect stories that communicate your value, and explore your next right move. 

If you’re not getting traction in interviews or getting sidelined in your path to promotion, this series is designed to help you turn all that around. 

In this series, you will:

  • Review your experience to discover your signature strengths and themes in your work.

  • Draft and refine your Superpower Statement so it communicates your brand promise in any setting.

  • Expand your Superpower Statement with an “About Me” Script to nail the “tell me about yourself” question.

  • Draft and refine three must-have stories that demonstrate your strengths and promise in action and help you land the job or promotion.

Your next right move depends on your ability to clearly illustrate your superpowers and communicate to your audience what’s in it for them. Let’s make it happen.


Whiteboard Session

Here’s your chance to get advice or clarity around any challenge or opportunity.

This hour-long discovery session can be used to pick my brain about anything. Here are some common themes:

  • Tweaking your Superpower Statement and Signature Stories.

  • Dealing with a difficult person at work.

  • Brainstorming whether to stay or go.

  • Sorting through next steps after being passed over for promotion.

When you need a skilled ear and a “take no prisoners” strategy in your back pocket, click the button to book a call with me.


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Damn Fine Words


Tina Schade Willis, MD, Professor, Pediatric Critical Care

“Lisa is a fantastic coach for women (and men) in multiple career paths including my area of academic medicine. She changed my approach and my perspective, and helped me achieve goals that I did not previously consider attainable.”

Artboard Copy.png

Liz O’Sullivan, Security Engineer

“I am so happy to recommend Lisa. Working with Lisa is both fun and demanding. Demanding, because she requires you to think—she doesn't give you the answers, but she gives you all the tools to find them. She taught me how to identify my strengths and more importantly, how to sell them to potential employers! I learned how to negotiate what I was worth in a way that appealed - and it has paid off as I have recently signed for my dream job. If you want to give your career a boost and enjoy yourself while doing it, working with Lisa will help you achieve those goals.”

Rebecca Dempster, Psychologist

“Lisa is a top-notch coach. She has a razor sharp focus that keeps her coaching practical and action-oriented. She's warm and compassionate, shows genuine interest and concern, and really knows her stuff! She took me from dread to confident. I have already recommended her to my network and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.”

Natalie Pitman, HR Business Consultant

“Lisa facilitated the ‘Art of Workplace Coaching’ training for Senior Leaders at our Annual Summit. Lisa’s expertise in her field and passion is invigorating. At such a crucial moment in our organization Lisa was the perfect catalyst. I highly recommend engaging her.”

Artboard Copy 4.png

Eva Jannotta, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Lisa gave me the tools, coaching, and mindset shifts I needed to prepare for a SUPER important interview. First, her thoughtful questions helped me identify my position and values. Then she coached me to connect my Gallup Strengths with the prominent features of the position; prompted me to prepare stories to illustrate my experience; and gave me a list of interview FAQs so I could prepare my answers. She also helped me create questions to ask my interviewer so I could be more in control of the conversation. After coaching with Lisa I felt prepared, confident, and a partner in the interview process. The best part? I WAS OFFERED THE JOB EXACTLY A WEEK LATER!”

Artboard Copy 4.png

Selena Rezvani, Women’s Leadership Expert

Lisa is an outstanding coach and facilitator. She asks rich, incisive questions of those she teaches and coaches, and equips individuals to reach their own conclusions about what most drives them. Not only is she passionate about elevating women, she delivers consistently practical, fresh tactics to help anyone step up their career game. Lisa is such a generous and impressive thought leader—I can't recommend her and her services enough.

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