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What’s Your Leadership Story?

If you’re running around your workplace with a wage or promotion gap on your back, you might just have a self-promotion gap too.

To be seen, heard, respected, and included, you have to own your ambition, control your brand narrative, and use story strategically to influence, persuade, inspire, and rise.


Case Study: Helena Busts a Move on the Boy’s Club

Helena is a biochemist turned senior product manager for a healthcare tech startup. After four years of success with several high profile products, she had become the go-to person for research and competitive technical data and was frequently sought out to strategize with marketing and other teams. She’s adored by junior product managers and owners who benefit from her coaching and mentoring.

Challenge: Clearly doing director-level work—without the title or compensation—Helena’s career took a nose dive when she was passed over for promotion twice, being told she wasn’t a right fit (all directors and c-level staff were male). She needed to own her leadership story, control her narrative, and strategize how to move up, sideways, or out.

Solution: Helena quickly identified the pain points of both the organization and boy’s club stakeholders and created an influence strategy and a thought leadership plan that made her visible and valued both internally and externally. Charismatic and witty, Helena’s writing, speaking, and storytelling on social media attracted offers she was able to leverage to land a VP of Product role in her current company with dollar signs to match.

That’s Helena’s story. Let’s get crackin’ on yours.


Up, Sideways, Out ?

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