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Why You Should Say Yes and Jump in with Both Feet…

One of the controllable reasons we have a wage gap is because we also have a self-promotion gap. So if you’re wanting to bust a move up, sideways, or out, you need a brilliant Superpower Statement to help you communicate your value in an authentic, relatable way so you get the results you want.

In interviews. In promotion conversations. In pitching for a special project. At networking events.

And most importantly, your Superpower Statement needs a what’s in it for them approach to help you avoid the fear of bragging, and help them see that you understand their business goals and aspirations.

Here’s what I’ve heard from a few people who’ve taken the Superpower Statement online course:

“It’s great, but I’m stuck on my first draft and I know it can be better.”

“I really need help making sense of my strengths and accomplishments in a way that positions me for what’s next…not what I’ve already been doing.”

“I’m ready to take the next step and develop better stories for upcoming interviews.”

That’s why I’ve bundled together the Superpower Statement course and my 60-minute Whiteboard Session—private coaching—to help you refine your work and feel like you nailed it.

Because sometimes, working with other human beings is how we do our best work.

With this special bundle you will:

  • Stop answering the “tell me about yourself” question with your title or role or a repetition of what’s in your résumé. 

  • Review your results and accomplishments so you really understand the impact you make in your work.

  • Mine that data for your high-level strengths and repeating themes and nest them in your Superpower Statement.

  • Avoid the feeling that you’re bragging or shamelessly self-promoting because your Superpower Statement will tell people what’s in it for them.

  • Identify your key stories that will demonstrate your superpowers in action, and inspire, influence, and sell.

The Details

  • You’ll get access to Script Your Superpower Statement online course which includes 6 short video lessons.

  • I’ll share a Google doc with you can use as your private notebook for doing the exercises and homework.

  • You’ll get a link to my calendar so you can book your private Whiteboard Session when you’re ready.

  • I’ll review your homework prior to our private Whiteboard Session.

Normally the Superpower course is $97 and a Whiteboard Session is $297(That’s just shy of $200 that stays in your pocket.)

Get the Superpower Bundle this Weekend Only.

Offer ends at 9 p.m. Pacific time on October 6, 2019

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“The Superpower course hits the mark and then knocks it out of the ballpark. I found so much value -- it’s like creating an elevator speech on steroids. Lots of great takeaways!”

- Thelá Thatch

“The Superpower course provides a unique approach and a reminder of the mistakes we can make that prevent us from excelling with our strengths—and offers the help we need to climb over the roadblocks.”

- Stacey Gordon

“Fabulous course! The exercises go deep into your strengths so you get not only a superpower statement, but a foundation for great interview/networking stories. I even found language for tweaking my résumé and Linkedin profile. Highly recommend.”

- Eva Jannotta

“It’s obvious that we all need to find language that best expresses our value, but it’s not an intuitive or simple process for most of us. Lisa breaks it down with templates and examples that make it straightforward and approachable. Great course!”

- Jay Fields